Hi, my name is
Jennifer Lyons!

I’m a Licensed Physical Therapist and a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner. 

I help owners, like yourself, get their dogs moving and feeling better, returning them to what they love to do.

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this is done in the comfort of your own home to:

Decrease your stress 

Minimize your dog’s anxiety

Save time during your busy day

You have enough to worry about, especially if your dog isn’t feeling like himself lately.

A life-changing injury at 15 years old set me on a path to getting back to what I love to do (and eventually, becoming a licensed physical therapist in 2010).

I know first-hand: 

How frustrating it is to not be able to move like you want to.

How powerful it can be to find someone who can create a treatment program that works.

As a licensed physical therapist and certified dog-lover (that’s my Great Pyrenees mix in the picture), it was only natural that I’d eventually go on to specialize in physical therapy for canines.

Because here's the thing...

Just like us, your dog needs a customized, thoughtful program to get back to what he loves to do.

In my work I incorporate a blend of education, hands-on treatment, exercises, and pain relieving techniques...

Totally personalized to you and your dog’s needs, so your dog can move with more ease and you can have fun together again.

If you’re ready to see how I can help you, click below to visit my services page and get to know my process in more detail:

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"Lily had surgery on her ruptured disc in her back. Initially she couldn't use her back legs and I needed to use a harness to hold up her back end up just to take her out to the bathroom.

A year later, we are quite pleased with the progress she has made and are so happy to see her have fun again.

I wish we had met with Jen sooner to get the education and support we needed to get Lily better faster."

~ Penny Bzdak


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