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The evaluation is 60mins and
treatment sessions are 45mins.

How long is an appointment?


Rarely are dogs “cured” by one visit. Rehabilitation is a progressive, non-invasive treatment approach that requires multiple visits to ensure your goals for your dog are achieved. Typically, sessions are 1-2x/wk for 6-12wks. Each dog is different and after an evaluation I can give you a better idea of how long it may take.

How long will my dog need rehab?


You may observe fatigue and/or lameness after a session for a few days. This is normal and should subside as your dog improves. You will learn how to manage pain and soreness to help your dog feel better quicker.

Will rehab hurt my dog?


Yes! I'll help you with this.

Do I need a referral from my veterinarian?


Sessions can be either purchased individually or in packages to decrease the session fee. A customized package will be created for your dog’s specific needs. To better meet your needs to make sure your dog receives the best care please fill out the contact form above.

How much does it cost?